About us
Officially created in July 2003 Compinox has its origins in 1979.

Its history blends with the ones of the Américo Ferreira Leite and A.F.Leite – Indústria de Inox, Lda. companies, which for family reasons originated the present COMPINOX – INDÚSTRIA DE INOXIDÁVEIS, LDA.

Compinox inherits this way, a remarkable experience and know-how in the Stainless Steel Industry related to Food handling, especially when it comes to Wine Industries, continuing the former companies’ work by present administration of Mário Lemos and Amadeu Guedes.

Compinox has assumed an important relevance in its market’s approach, by means of its trade mark and facilities but most of all, by its collaborators’ behaviour and its relation, positioning and attitude, providing a modern and proficient service with greater proximity to the client.

The new challenges are received by Compinox with enthusiasm, which looks for efficient answers, maintaining its own objectives of growth, in a context of liberalization and competitiveness.


To be recognised as the best choice between all Companies in the Stainless steel Industry field in Portugal, with high quality products and at the same time, provide a differential service to the customers market, each time more demanding.


Satisfy our clients with the best products on the market, with quality, maintaining human resources ever more able and orientated to overcome the objectives, with the support of a modern technological platform based essentially in the company.


Compinox has available an organizational, technological and human structure, highly capable of developing and executing any project or product in our line of work.
Our technical staff is entirely dedicated to creation, development, and production, with a high degree of experience and always aware to innovation and the most recent technologies.